Saturday, 16 January 2016


This is a cause which has been brought to My attention via social media. As I am a keen philanthropist; I felt I needed to share this with you. I hope that you will share this post too!

Meet 3 year old Kian Musgrove. For the second time in his short life; he is battle cancer and desperately needs specialist treatment; only available in the US at a cost of £550K.

Without this treatment; little Kian will die. And that's why I am appealing to you today to please give whatever you can afford to fund his treatment. Whether it be £5, £50 or £500; EVERY PENNY will go towards saving Kian's life.

Time is against Kian; and his cancer is spreading. So it really is important that he receives his treatment before its too late. Even if you are unable to donate; please do share this post as much as possible and spread the word so that others may do the same and indeed make a donation.

Remember; Kian is just 3 years old. No little boy should have to go through what he's going through. And no parent should either. Please help to save Kian by making a donation via the link below:


Panty Boy Is Teased & Denied

So Panty Boy recently completed another email assignment for Me. This time he opted for some tease & denial - boy was he teased and denied! Take a look!

OK. So I received my orders from Mistress Cristal and, boy, was I excited!  Think – the theme tune from Mission Impossible and the message says: ‘Ethan. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to spank yourself with a stick of wet rhubarb whilst wearing panties and whistling Yankee Doodle Dandy’. Which, frankly, would have made a darn sight better film than the last Mission Impossible, but I digress. Take it from me - I was looking forward to this.
In a nutshell, Mistress’s orders were to:
• Remain in chastity until further notice
• Spend 1 hour each day watching pornography – ensuring I "leak" into the glass.
• Spend 1 x 30 minute session, teasing my balls with the vibrator.
• Spend 1 x 15 minute session slowly and gently fingering my ass - using plenty of lube!
• Spend 1 x 30 minute session teasing the head of my cock with the vibrator.
• Spend 1 x 30 minute session rubbing around my anus with the vibrator - insertion not required.
• Spend 1 x 15 minute session watching porn & sniffing dirty panties.
• Spend 1 hour watching porn, sniffing dirty panties whilst teasing the head of my cock with the vibrator.

So, reading that, I was confident that I could perform, and enjoy, this task as I’ve basically been practicing for years. Except for the bum stuff – not really experimented that way but I’d give it a go for Mistress. The rest of this assignment didn’t seem too bad. But I think I thought that because: 
1. I hadn’t started and I forgot that when watching porn I want to have a wank. Which I’m not going to be able to do (I’m in chastity, remember)


2. I’d just been the subject of a Twitter ‘retweet game’ (thank you Mistress) the result of which had tagged 12 more weeks of chastity onto my existing 19 day streak. Which is going to take me through until the end of March.  
With 12 weeks (or more if I don’t please Mistress) of chastity stretched out in front of me I think you will appreciate how that might dominate my thoughts. Well, perhaps you can; it probably helps if you’re a bloke.
I’ve got six active days to do this assignment and six tasks that I can split one per day plus a daily one hour porn watching session whilst milking the resultant pre-cum into a glass. Nice. I hope the Vicar doesn’t pop by.
It’s a good job I’d researched this task before taking it on as I’d never owned a vibrator before or even used one. So I'd purchased a Magic Wand type vibe in anticipation and it arrived a few days before this assignment started. The first time I used it was during this task. I wasn’t sure whether it’d work through the silicone chastity cage but OMG the vibrations passed through it fine.  Indeed with my balls tucked up by the ball separator on the back of the cage it was possible to use the vibe on the head of my cock but send the vibrations through my cock and balls. They were so strong I’d swear they passed up into my skull and made my brain rattle! This was torture and within minutes of starting watching, aptly, a video of a domme tricking a sub into a chastity cage I could feel my balls swell and tighten and soon my pre-cum was flowing. With a pair of my wife’s dirty panties on my head I could smell and taste her whilst watching the porn and having the vibe rattle my everything. Indeed I had to use the vibe in short bursts or I would have exploded. And this was after about 5 minutes!  I still had about another 55 minutes of this to endure.  No wonder they call these vibrators magic. 
I had to take a break before continuing with the day’s second hour watching some sub/domme porn and leaking into the glass. The natural reaction was to try to rub myself but the cage defeated me but I was still jacked from the earlier session so stayed semi-erect in the cage, my cock trapped with the cage exerting a pleasant, firm grip on my cock. My balls ached, hurt even during this session so it was a relief when this second hour came to an end.
The next day I tried using the vibrator on my balls for half an hour. This was not at all pleasant. I don’t know whether I was doing to wrong, whether this type of stimulation is not my thing or whether Mistress put this in as a sort of torture. But no matter how I tried this – and I tried different positions on my balls / the chastity cage. And different speeds. Varying the speed up and down. You name it I tried it. But the result was always the same: balls wobbling like a jelly on a hovercraft and me grimacing thinking ‘is this supposed to be uncomfortable?’ Well maybe it was. It certainly was for me and not something I’m likely to try again of my own free will. The same could be said of the fingering my ass and using the vibrator on my asshole. No joy. Both were like kissing your Granny – not something you want to repeat in a hurry. This convinced me that I was doing something wrong so I ordered a prostate vibrator that arrived just before the end of my assignment. Give it another go I thought, and I’d read up about the male G spot – or P spot if you will. Still no joy. Maybe my P spot is a foot up there because I may as well have been water skiing naked across Windermere for all the good this exercise did me. But I gave it a fair crack of the whip.
My final day of this assignment was spent with the usual milking into the glass – heaven and hell. And sniffing my wife’s panties whilst watching porn which was much the same. At the end I had collected what looks like a pathetic amount of pre-cum in the glass and it looked and smelt disgusting. Still, I had done my best and collected every day, this was just all I could produce :-[
I hope Mistress is satisfied with this, my latest assignment. I know I have enjoyed it, in a kinky, masochistic, way and I am already looking at Mistress’s slave tasks list wondering which to do next. If she’ll let me. Please Mistress?

And an extra thank you Mistress for the 11 weeks of chastity that I've still got left. I never saw that coming from a one week assignment....

Panty Boy  xxx

Friday, 15 January 2016


Because I will be attending both a 50th Birthday party and a wedding; I will NOT be available the weekend of 6/7 February. I will be available on Friday 5th and Monday 8th, however. So that's a whole weekend without Mistress watching over you! How on earth will you cope! 

Monday, 11 January 2016

RIP David Bowie

Today, I want to pay tribute to an absolute musical genius. The world is in mourning today for we have lost probably one of our greatest starts - Mr David Bowie.

Following a lengthy battle with cancer; Bowie died yesterday at the age of 69. His tragic death will come as a shock to many as it is believed he kept his illness very quiet. So quiet in fact; that today it comes to light that his latest album; released on Friday and entitled "BlackStar" was his parting gift to the world. 

Born David Jones on 8 January 1947; he changed his surname to "Bowie" to avoid confusion with  Monkees singer Davy Jones. Bowie exploded on to the music scene in 1969 with the release of "Space Oddity". Under the guise of different personas such as "Ziggy Stardust" and "Thin White Duke"; Bowie's musical career spanned over four decades; delighting us with albums such as "Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars", "Diamond Dogs," "Young Americans", "Heroes" and "Let's Dance".

As well as a music career; Bowie was a keen painter and also enjoyed an acting career appearing in the classic "The Man Who Fell To Earth", as well as "Just A Gigolo" and Jim Henson's magical "Labryinth" to name but a few.

Through the years of Ziggy Stardust, cocaine addiction, and controversy; Bowie was easily the master of reinvention; getting it spot on every time. His musical career spanned over four decades; cementing him a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. It is without a doubt; the world has lost one it's greatest musicians, and fans from every corner of the world will be feeling the heart-breaking loss of this much-loved icon.

Bowie leaves behind wife Iman, son Duncan and daughter Alexandria. My thoughts go to his family and friends on this very sad day. 

RIP David (Jones) Bowie.