Friday, 11 December 2015

Tease & Denial - a delicious form of psychological torture!

One of My favourite fetishes to explore is Tease and Denial. Some have called Me the "Queen of Tease" and that's a title I do very much agree with. I enjoy this fetish simply because I like to turn men into weak, snivelling, desperate little boys who will do absolutely anything to have the release they so desperately crave.

It is a fact that far too many of you take your pleasure for granted. You tug at your little cocks and release your "love piss" at your whim as though it's your God-given right. You abuse the opportunity to cum and display no gratitude for it.

I don't have to let you cum. Let's be clear on this. There is NOTHING to say that I MUST allow you to cum. I don't owe you an orgasm. Neither do I owe you pleasure. The fact that you need to have an orgasm is of no concern to Me. As I've said time and time again; your needs are not important to Me. They don't feature. My needs are always at the top of the list. Once you've met My needs and satisfied them; only then will I begin to consider yours.

In the case of tease and denial; My needs are about seeing how frustrated I can make you and enjoying the deliciousness of that frustration. I can and WILL make you cry with that frustration. In fact; you'll be squirting those tears long before I allow you the privilege of squirting your jizz. And it is a privilege. Don't ever forget that. Forget thinking that you have a right to have an orgasm. You have absolutely no rights when you're serving Me.

The truth is; I can make you go without for as long as I want - days, weeks, months. I think nothing of making you cum as often as the seasons change - yes that just 4 little times a year. Forget that morning wank you used to enjoy. I fully intend to make it a thing of the past so that you begin to feel grateful for the chance to cum. Cumming is a special treat - and you only receive said treat through suffering and toil - that's hard work in ensuring you please Mistress.

How you please Mistress is by enduring whatever form of teasing I decide is best for you. I might make you tease yourself relentlessly with a selection of toys. I might even make you watch porn without the freedom of jerking your little dick. I could even put you in chastity for an indeterminate period of time. There really is no end to the ways I can wind you up tighter than a coiled spring. I have many creative and torturous methods for keeping you exactly where I want you - in a permanent state of arousal with no relief.

Edging is another method I like to use. Giving you to opportunity to get as close to euphoria as possible and then pulling you straight back to reality before locking you up and denying you. But still you'll be on the edge. And it will be all you can think about. Morning, noon and night; you will be consumed by thoughts of experiencing the intense pleasure of that highly anticipated orgasm - but will be clueless as to when fantasy will become reality. I hold the cards very close to My Superior chest while I make you My frustrated little puppet. And the more frustrated you become; the more I will enjoy it. Can I make you go mad with frustration? Yes I can. Can I make your need for orgasm dominate your entire life? Yes I can. Can I get you to point where you have erotic dream after erotic dream, but still remain unfulfilled? Yes I can. I can do whatever I want to keep you in denial. Whatever I want for however long I want....

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Chastity Sub endures the Ice Treatment!

Chastity Sub endured a very intense CBT session with Me on cam on Friday. This session involved heavy duty crocodile clips, cock and ball whipping, hot wax, pin wheel and finally the good old tabasco sauce. Of course while I torture his little cock and balls; he is allowed out of his chastity cage. But all that torturing is going to have an big effect on him. At the end of the session is he was both swollen and sore; and not just through pleasure.

I take great pleasure in watching him struggle to but his cage back on. Generally speaking; it normally takes around 5 minutes and eventually after much taunting and giggling from Me; he manages to get it on and securely locked.

But on Friday; I enjoyed watching him struggling for 10 minutes. Oh how I laughed! He tried all ways but the thing was not going to go on. His cock was just too swollen. Well I did let him have it during his torture. I was perhaps the cruellest I've ever been. He kept trying to put it on, but the rings would not go down his shaft. And after 10 minutes of hysterical laughter; I decided to take some pity on him. Besides; My poor sides were aching after laughing so much! So I decided he needed to "cool down". Oh yes, he did cool down - with the aid of ice.

He was made to put ice cubes in a towel and wrap said towel around his cock until all of the ice had melted. The resulted in the swelling going down, so he was able to put his cage back on. But of course I wasn't going to be thoroughly kind to him. For the duration of the ice melting; he had to wear nipple clamps. It took about 2 hours for all the ice to melt - and his nipples were extremely sore afterwards. But needs must - he's in chastity no matter what and he has to do whatever it takes to ensure he stays in chastity.

Now a few weeks ago; during an intense teasing session he "accidentally" came. I should point out that at the time he was in his chastity cage and that meant his orgasm had been ruined. That definitely sweetened the fact that he'd cum. So it's now 2 months since he last had a pleasurable orgasm. Is he frustrated? Oh yes! He's climbing the walls!

My first intention was to delay allowing him to cum until the New Year - that would be 3 months without an orgasm. But I'm offering a little "reprieve". He's back to self-teasing and filling the brandy glass. If he fills it by Christmas Eve; he's allowed to cum on Christmas Day. If he fails; then his next orgasm won't be until 6th January. It might not seem a very long time - but when you're aching to cum and your balls are aching even more; it's a lifetime!

Before the "Ice treatment".

During the "Ice Treatment"

Finally caged again.

He hasn't got long to thoroughly fill it!