Saturday, 1 August 2015

Punishment for Naughty Schoolboy

I had a very naughty boy who need to complete a "schoolboy assignment." I am very fond of the more "traditional" punishments. And this boy completed his punishment very well. To protect his privacy; he has elected not to have his pictures published. But I am more than happy to share his written report with you:

This was my first report for Mistress Cristal and I was keen to impress. I sent my application and awaited excitedly and expectantly for Her reply. When the email arrived  I opened it and quickly read through the instructions. I smiled a nervous smile. The assignment contained everything I could have wished for - lines, corner time, spanking and wearing uniforms, but there was a lot of everything. And it all had to be documented.
I started with the lines, neatly drawing a margin and numbering each line. It was only a short line, but it took time, and the more I wrote the more my hand began to ache. I never seemed to be getting close to the end.. 50.. 100...150..200...250...260,,,270,,,280,,290,,,,30. Complete at last. 
I took some pics and moved on to the next tasks.
Firstly to put on my best school uniform. I have many but chose the most appropriate. ironed white shirt, white y fronts, grey punishment shorts (they have a 2 inch inside leg), grey knee socks with a red trim, plimsoll and a tie. I dressed and took a picture for Mistress.
next the first spanking - 50 spanks on each cheek with the hand.
I lowered by shorts and pants and assumed the position. I was surprised how hard I could spank with my hand and soon felt my cheeks beginning to glow. When the 50 were complete, I bent over in front of the camera, checking how red my cheeks were and too a pic. The cheeks were nicely pink.
Next 50 spanks on each cheek with the wooden spoon. This is the best self spanking implement as it is light, but gives a good thwack and the handle allows good leverage. From the first spank I winced as the tenderness from the hand spanking was inflamed by the spoon, I was soon grimacing and was grateful when the last strokes had hit. Again I bent over and took a picture of my increasingly red behind
Next was the dreaded slipper (I actually used a plimsoll). This is what was first used on me at school and I have hated it ever since. The plimsoll is white with a thick rubber sole. The first strokes made me yelp and I was soon struggling with discomfort. The strokes kept coming and I was determined to hit as hard as possible as I knew Mistress was expecting a very red behind. Hopefully, I wont have disappointed, I was genuinely in pain after these 50, and the picture shows a very, very red bottom.
Finally the strap.
Not pleasant. My backside was sore and tender and each stroke of the strap seemed to make the pain 10 times worse . I really struggled to complete these strokes, such was the pain, but I knew the pain would be worse if I failed Mistress so I continued, so relieved when the task was complete. Another picture should show how red and sore I was.
Finally an hours corner time for reflection. Hands on head, shorts and pants down, I stood for an hour, the time passing oh so slowly. I was still sore but content that I had completed my tasks.
I now have to hope that Mistress is as pleased 

Friday, 31 July 2015

How To Give A Pill To Your Cat....

Well this is how I give a pill to My cat...

  1. Take wormer tablet (or tablets depending on cat's size) and cut in half.
  2. Place tablet on arm of chair.
  3. Grab cat, talk in cutesy baby voice to him as he realises you're going to do something horrible to him.
  4. Place cat on his back as he sinks his claws into your arms.
  5. Try to prise cat's jaws open.
  6. Remove bitten finger from cat's mouth.
  7. Try to prise cat's jaws open again.
  8. Realise that cat has decided to clamp jaws shut and resort to cutesy baby voice again. Of course this does nothing to calm cat. He's not stupid...
  9. When you can finally open cat's jaws, place tablet at the back of his tongue.
  10. Retrieve spat out tablet from floor.
  11. Grab cat before he makes a bid for freedom.
  12. Place cat on his back again.
  13. Unhook cat's claws from skin.
  14. Resume talking in cutesy baby voice as you try to stem blood flow from where cat has taken out his annoyance on your chest.
  15. Hold cat's head still.
  16. Try to prise jaw open again. Remain calm as cat sinks his incisors into your thumb.
  17. Place tablet at back of tongue.
  18. Quickly hold cat's jaw closed. Stroke his throat and close his nostrils. Wait for signs of him swallowing.
  19. Release hold on cat's jaw.
  20. Retrieve tablet from floor and repeat.
  21. Now that he's finally swallowed half, realise you both have to go through that hell again.
  22. Retrieve cat as he starts to climb up your shoulder.
  23. Resist temptation to scream as he removes 10 layers of skin with his claws.
  24. Attempt to steady cat as he twists and turns like an octopus escaping a laundry bag.
  25. Wrap cat in towel so just his head is sticking out.
  26. Take hold of second half of tablet.
  27. Tuck cat's paws back inside towel.
  28. Try to prise jaws open.
  29. Tuck cat's paws back inside towel.
  30. Place tablet at back of tongue and hold jaw shut until he swallows.
  31. Give cat a cuddle and a treat; go and prepare dinner.
  32. Find spat out half of tablet on the floor some 20 minutes later.
  33. Shove half of tablet in a chunk of salmon and feed to cat.
  34. Smile in satisfaction that the con artist has become the conned.
  35. Feel the sense of dread that in three months time; you've got to go through that all rigmarole again.

Heel Lovers Heaven

Do you crave to be under My sexy heels? Need to clean them? Lick them? Suck them? Worship them? Need to drool over My sexy red painted toenails? How about listening to My 6 inch heels clicking as I stalk towards you? I will enjoy how nervous you will become as I approach! And you can enjoy this photo-set/movie combination! A must-have fetish goodie for any heel connoisseur!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Titty Tease for Titty Lovers!

How would you like to become hypnotized by My gorgeous 38 DD boobs? They're so soft and juicy. Perfect for you to worship. You want to worship them; don't you? Imagine having them pressed into your face, as I force you to worship them! You're thinking about that right now? And you're pitching a tent in your trousers for good measure! Go on - take it out, look at My beautiful breasts and enjoy that titty-tastic wank! If you're a boob-lover - this clip is the one for you!

Teasing Jerk Off Instruction.

Want to wank your little worm? You're desperate for it, aren't you? You've been hard all day while dirty, kinky thoughts have filled your mind. Perhaps it was the last webcam session you had? Perhaps it was the last naughty clip you saw? Either way; you're on fire and if you don't cum, you'll go crazy!

So take it out and stroke it. Look at Me while you stroke - look at My teasing eyes, sexy lips and voluptuous breasts just bursting to get out of My leather corset. That's only adding to your arousal. Your balls are so full right now. You can feel them swelling as your cock twitches. Speaking of your cock; it's drooling like a leaky tap - euphoria is so close. That's right - you need to feel it - you need to explode. But will I let you? Watch the clip and find out!

Explaining My Webcam Absence.

You will have noticed that My cam presence has been rather sporadic of late. Well there is very good reason for this. Not only have I been plagued with various illnesses and family crises; but My once lovely neighbours are thoughtfully having an extension built - right next to My office window. So 6 days a week; I have to listen to the not so gentle sounds of drilling, hammering, off-key singing and various expletives from builders who were dragged up in the cave.

These knuckle-heads really don't know the meaning of the word "consideration". And while yes I accept they have a job to do; they don't like to give a warning of "oh just to let you know; we will be using a pneumatic drill right outside your window tomorrow - just thought we'd warn you." No they just do it - for hours on end - often whilst singing like a strangled cat.

This doesn't really set the scene for a femdom session. I doubt My slaves want to be engrossed in a teasing & denial session; when suddenly "oi cunt, pass us that fucking hammer!" rings through the air. I think not.

Now the good news is that there are signs that this project is nearing completion - I hope! We have been at it 4 months now - so surely it can't take much longer. Unless of course they're on a daily rate; in which case they can probably make painting a door knob last all week. Yes builders of the world - we are wise to your "daily rate" tricks.

So until they disappear for good - sadly My cam days will continue to be sporadic. I'm no more happy about it than you are; but it's the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

Until they do finally bugger off; there will be more days of instant messenger and one way cam (your cam) and without sound. Oh I'd like to point out that one of the builders is very thirsty - he likes to peer through My windows when he's working next to the office - I'll be needing a stick to poke his eyes out. Another reason why camming isn't possible when they're this close.

I am hoping to get back to normal soon - desperately hoping, but in the meantime I thank you for your patience. But just so you know; webcam isn't the only way you can serve Me. Take a look at My "Sessions" page and you'll see more ways you can enjoy My attention - and provide a nice distraction from the "Bash it & Bodge it" crew.