Saturday, 7 March 2015

"Slave" gets owned...and not in the way he hoped!

This disgusting little slug thought he knew all about what it's like to serve a Dominatrix. And then he met Me...

Slave: I want to be ur sissy miss and u can make me pose.
Me: I want - gets nothing.
Slave: I'll do anything for you.
Me: Will you?
Slave: Only thing is I don't like anything in My ass miss
Me: Very well - enter pvt chat.
 [slave enters private chat]

Me: So you wish to be My sissy do you?
Slave; Yes Miss.
Me: And I assume you understand what being My sissy entails?
Slave: I don't know miss.
Me: Hmmmm, so you want to be My sissy but you don't know what is involved in being My sissy. How then can you possibly be so sure that's what you want?
Slave: I have girly clothes Miss.
Me; Show them to Me.
[slave shows various items, including bright pink thong]

Me: Put it on.
[slave puts on thong]
Me: So do you think this is being a sissy?
Slave: Yes Miss.
Me: Wrong! This is called cross-dressing. I shall enlighten you about what being a sissy means.
Slave: Yes Miss.
Me: Being a sissy means you are treated like a girl, and in particular being fucked like a girl. But we have a problem, don't we?
Slave: What Miss?
Me: Well that isn't what you want because you don't want anything up your ass. So what DO you want?
Slave: I don't know Miss.
Me: I know what you want. Shall I tell you?
Slave: Yes Miss.
Me: You wanted to cam with Me with the sole aim of wanking your dick and cumming, didn't you?
Slave: Yes Miss.
Me: Well unfortunately for you; you picked a Genuine Dominatrix who has intelligence instead of some little wannabe who doesn't know any better.
[slave starts to squirm]
Me: But don't worry. You haven't wasted My time - just yours. You see, while you've been here pretending to be submissive, and showing just how clueless and ignorant you are; you've paid Me for highlighting how fake you are. So you've wasted your credits as well.
Slave: Sorry Miss.
Me: Oh don't apologise to Me. Like I said; I've enjoyed taking your credits and wasting your time. Oh and there'll be no wanking or cumming today, in case you're dumb enough to hope there will be. Don't you feel a fool?
Slave; Yes Miss.
Me: Might I suggest next time you do your research before approaching a Dominatrix - or you're going to end up poor and with blue balls. Either way; I won't be the one relieving those balls. Goodbye!

[slave is kicked from the session]

Show Me You're Worthy Of Relief.

I LOVE Saturdays. Saturday is the day when My downright, mean, sadistic, evil side comes out to play. The side that enjoys watching you writhe in pain. The side that NEVER gets enough of seeing you suffer. The side that dons Her favourite thigh-boots and prepares to seriously bust some balls.

The fact is; you snivelling little maggots deserve to suffer. Each day you come before Me, dicks hard, perverted thoughts in mind, and think only of those balls which are begging to be emptied. You speak as though you have every right to cum. But you forget one very important fact; you have NO rights in My world.

If you want to cum, YOU EARN IT. And to earn it, YOU SUFFER. If I want to have those balls beaten and kicked until they're black and blue - then you shall deliver. If I want to see your ass stretched wide and impaled on a gigantic dildo - then you shall deliver. If I want to see your nipples pinched and pulled under the grip of eye-watering clamps - then you shall deliver. It's as simple as that.

Oh and don't forget that suffering doesn't have to be physical either. There is nothing to stop Me from getting into your mind and under your skin, and humiliating the shit out of you. That little voice inside your head? The one which spews nothing but contempt for you? That's Me. The one who tells you you're nothing but a pathetic waste of skin? That's Me. The one which makes you do degrading and humiliating things which make you cringe in shame - that's also Me.

And then there's the matter of your aching to have release. Just how much are you aching for it? Are you hungry for it? Hungry isn't enough. I want you starving! And by the time I've finished teasing and taunting your twig and berries, believe Me, you'll be famished! That's no guarantee that you'll receive relief though. Hearing you beg in desperation for it is like the sweetest symphony. But begging isn't enough - anybody can beg. I'd rather continue My sweet torture until I break you. And I WILL break you - you have to know that it is inevitable. You'll crack long before I do.

Can you handle My sadistic side? Are you brave enough to try? Then you better get going and send through your booking request NOW. Right now; before the scared little boy inside you talks you out of it. Have yourself some balls - give them to Me; or I'll simply take them anyway.

Skype Webcam booking requests may be emailed to:

Friday, 6 March 2015

A Date For Your Diary.

Coming up on 19th March is a VERY important date for your calendar - MY BIRTHDAY.

Now while it is obligatory for My owned slaves to treat Me, I invite unowned slaves to treat Me as well.

I am accepting E Gift Cards for this very special occasion. You may send them to:

I also have a dedicated Amazon Wishlist for you to make good use of; link to this is below:

For those who are owned by Me; I strongly suggest you DON'T know what happens when you disappoint Mistress.....

For those who aren't owned; the fact that I acknowledge your existence in return for your gift, is more than enough....

Monday, 2 March 2015

"No Mistress! Don't turn me into a girl!"

My NiteFlirt sissy is starting to accept his fate. He knows that eventually; he'll have no choice but accept that his boyish ways are going to be left behind as he becomes a pretty little princess.

He does beg so much for Me to stop. "No Mistress, I don't want my nails painted!" "Please don't make me wear make-up Mistress!" "I'm begging you Mistress! I don't want you to give me hormones. I don't want pretty titties!"

It's not like he has any real say in the matter. The day he confessed his fantasy of being turned into a girl; he lost his say. Be careful what you wish for - because you know that Mistress is sadistic enough to make those wishes come true!

I love how he squirms when I tell him about the trip to the hair salon. He weeps and whimpers as I describe his black locks being dyed blonde and styled into pretty little ringlets. He doesn't want the pink bow in his hair, the red lipstick, the fake eyelashes and the pretty manicured red nails...But all that matters is he's pretty for Me. I want him as pretty as a picture; so all the boys will want to fuck him.

He asked if I'd stuff his bra to give him breasts. No, I don't do half-measures. I decided it's time to go the whole-hog - hormone injections are a much better method. That way, his whole body can become much more ladylike - nice big milky tits. Oh he will be producing milk by the way - that's another little trick I have up My sleeve. His girly tits will lactating nicely. When he invites his "boyfriends" over for tea; they'll have the option of cow's milk or slut's milk. I know which one they'll choose.

Would I chop off his dick and give him a pussy instead? Hmmm, tempting. But then I don't want him to be fully a girl - somewhere in between is far more humiliating for him. No, I think I'll leave his dick permanently caged. And his ass-pussy is far more inviting for the boys - far tighter as well.

Oh yes; he knows that he has to stop fighting. It is his destiny to become a pretty little fuck-whore for Me. His attempts to try and avoid it really are futile. I'll make a woman out of him! 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

How To Make Sure He Behaves....

An acquaintance of Mine knows how to make her boy toe the line:

"Stop pissing about your Ipad and get out here and help me, or I will shove this up your ass while you're asleep...DRY!!!"

Needless to say; he was out there helping her in a flash....