Saturday, 18 January 2014

How To Spot A Time-Waster And Avoid Being Scammed!

Yesterday I encountered another time-waster who "promised" to purchase a pair of very sexy PVC thigh boots from My Wishlist and then blocked Me on twitter. On exposing this cretin, I had a chat with another victim of his, who informed Me that he was actually a nasty hacker - hacking into Dommes and Camgirls twitter accounts and posting really rather nasty tweets about them. His details have been circulated around twitter and with Time-Wasting subs so others know to avoid his nasty ass.

So today, I decide to a blog entry for all new Dommes, Findoms and Camgirls on the scene. This entry is about time-wasters and how to spot one BEFORE you become a victim.

  1. "Mistress - I want you to drain my wallet! I will give you all my money - please allow me to serve you!" Ok this is a classic time-waster line. I can guarantee you that this loser has no intention of parting with any cash whatsoever. You will give him instructions on how to contact you, and he'll continue to send you messages of this nature - without following your instructions. He will make endless promises of "tributes" whilst failing to deliver.
  2. "Mistress - I will tribute you £1000 per month!" Okay, like the one above -  he won't tribute £1000 a month. He won't even tribute £1 a month. Another loser who talks the talk but can't walk the walk.
  3. "Mistress - I want to obey you. I will do anything you ask of me!" No he won't. The moment you ask for tribute for a session or an initial tribute you won't see him for dust.
  4. "Mistress - if you send Me a picture I will send you a tribute!" Yes, and pigs fly out of My ass! You'll send him a pic of yourself, he'll look at it and jerk off and you won't hear anything else from him.
  5. "Mistress - will you add Me on Skype?" Ok, so there's two possibilities here. You add him Skype and he will Skype call you without paying for a session. Or he'll send you endless messages begging for your attention.When it comes to the crunch of him paying for a session - "puff" he'll suddenly disappear.
  6. "I don't have any money right now. But I get paid tomorrow - can I tribute then?" He won't tribute because in his world, tomorrow never comes. You won't hear from him.
  7. "If you add my cam in free, I'll take you to private!" Of course he will...NOT! He'll get a free cam session, jack off and leave - without paying!
  8. "I'd really like to get to know you before I serve you. Can we have a chat?" Another classic line - you'll chat endlessly, and he'll gladly waste your time. But he won't pay - even when you tell him it's time to pay for your time. Suddenly he'll end the chat and disappear - or claim he's sending a tribute and then block you on Skype.
  9. "Mistress, if you show Me your ass/boots/stand up etc, I'll take you private!" Nope, he wants a free show. He won't enter private - he'll see what he wants to see and then disappear.
  10. "Yes Mistress, I will purchase that gift tomorrow." He won't - if he's serious about purchasing a gift he'll do it there and then. If he's serious about sending a gift card, he'll do it there and then. Don't fall for it.
So how do you make sure you don't have your time wasted by these cretins? Well it's simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Always ask for first tributes to be made via Amazon Gift Card, and as soon as it comes through, redeem it right away. Gift cards can be cancelled, but not if they are redeemed.
  2. Stay away from Paypal - payments can be reversed. If you must use Paypal (not recommended for first time tributes), ensure you withdraw the money to your bank account immediately to reduce the chance of it being reversed.
  3. Don't give your time away for free. If they want an initial chat with you via Skype or Yahoo, then charge them a small add fee. £5 is more than enough and a genuine sub will pay it. But always make sure they send this fee via Amazon Gift Card.
  4. Your initial chat should last no more than 10 mins. If they want longer or they want cam or voice, then it's time for them to book a session. Again, first tribute should be in Amazon Gift Card.
  5. There is nothing wrong with asking for an initial tribute when taking on a new financial sub. If they are genuine they will pay it. I charge around £25, but always via Amazon Gift Card.
  6. Don't send photos for free. It's quite alright to post ones to promote yourself. But if they want something extra special, they have to tribute first.
  7. If you are offering a show in return for gifts, always wait for the gift to arrive. Don't assume that because they've ordered a gift, it will come. Orders can be cancelled and you will have given them a cam show for free.
  8. Watermark all photos - yes there are some cretins out there who like to steal pictures. 
  9. If you're doing a free preview via AdultWork, make it clear that you will NOT add their cam in free, you will NOT stand up, show your ass, or whatever. If they want to see more, then they have to pay for a show. If they are genuine, they will enter paid chat. If they aren't; the moment you advise them off this, they'll leave your chat room like rats off a sinking ship.
  10. Always check new subs against BDSM Time-wasters. There is a comprehensive list there of all those who have tried to waste the time of Dommes, including those who are nasty enough to hack, stalk, or otherwise put Ladies at risk. If you see their name on that list; avoid them.
  11. If a sub starts talking money before he's even introduced himself, then don't even give them the time of day. He won't pay.
  12. Make sure passwords to all your accounts like twitter, facebook, email are changed regularly - I change all Mine once a month - this reduces the chances of hacking.
  13. NEVER use Western Union - a classic route of all time-wasters. Not only could he get personal details about you, but payments are often cancelled.
  14. NEVER take money by bank transfer - I don't think you need Me to spell out the risks there!
  15. Always ensure payment has been made and cleared, be it by Amazon gift card or Paypal BEFORE any session. And before the session begins, redeem all vouchers and withdraw all monies from Paypal.
  16. Cam Verification is important - but many will see you on cam for about 30 seconds before a session and then disappear. Charge a small fee for cam verification. If they are genuine, they will pay it.
  17. If you are a member of Findoms - don't give your attention to any unverified subs. Don't accept friends requests from them. If they haven't bothered to cash verify, they won't bother to tribute you.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Good Boys are Generous Boys!

You boys have been very good in pleasing Mistress with gifts lately. Latest generous boys are as follows:

@UrethaPlay on twitter for sending Me this gorgeous PVC corset from Honour

And @slaveLICK on Twitter for sending £10 GC via

So as you see, it is very easy to please Me - simply show your generous side and you will be rewarded! You can please Me today either by sending an GC of any amount to or by visiting My Wishlist via the link below:

Monday, 13 January 2014

New Service: Jerk Off Instruction Line at NiteFlirt!

Starting today, you can now call Me via NiteFlirt to receive Jerk Off Instruction!

For just $1.99 per minute, you can grab your cock and your lube and follow My every instruction as I teach you how to jerk off PROPERLY. You will learn new techniques in how to gain the maximum pleasure from your jerking off, with the introduction of milk, prostrate massage, anal play and toys if you desire.

My Jerk Off Line is open every night from 7pm until 10pm (GMT) and you can receive 3 minutes free!

So click on the link below and call now!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Confessional.

"Forgive me Mistress for I have sinned!"

Starting today, Sunday is now Sunday Confessional. This means you must report to Me and confess all of your sins to be punished and absolved.

You will be completely open and honest about all the bad behaviour you have committed during the week and Mistress will decide on a suitable punishment. No, you don't get to choose your punishment - that way it may be one you enjoy. The idea of punishment is that it means you pay for your crimes.

You can report to confession either via AdultWork, NiteFlirt or by booking a Skype/Yahoo session via email address below:

Wishlist Gift Of The Day.

In My vanilla life, I attend a lot of meetings, which means I have to carry around lots of files and folders. This is very inconvenient, having My hands full all of the time. And of course your purpose is to make My life easier.

That is why I require the gift below. A simple messenger bag in to which I can put all of My files and folders, leaving My hands free.

So which lucky boy is going to earn My attention and purchase if for Me? Will your name appear here for being such a good boy and pleasing Mistress? Click the link below and show Me how you want to make My life easier!

Pre-Booked Phone Chat - How To Book.

Book a Phone Chat Session with Me can be done by following these very simple steps:

  1. Email Me at with a brief description of what you wish to explore in the session along with the length of time you wish to book.
  2. Mistress will then tell you how much the session will cost and give you details of how to tribute.
  3. Send tribute via the chosen method.
  4. You will then be sent either My skype ID or My phone number, depending on how you wish to call.
  5. The session then begins!
These are very simple steps that even a lowly boy like you can follow. So what are you waiting for?