Friday, 25 October 2013

CBT Pics From Slave P.

Here are some very interesting pics from My new slave - slave p who as you can tell; is very much the pain-slut!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

American Pie Re-Created.

This afternoon I had an absolutely hilarious cam session with a regular splosher. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, sploshers are those who enjoy getting messy with food, or masturbating with food. Generally speaking the messier the food, the more they enjoy it.

Anyway, Splosher had brought along with him a can of squirty cream, carton of custard, two large cartons of yoghurt, two milky way bars, a cucumber and a trifle. Lots of messy food for him to enjoy himself with.

Now when he originally reported in, I told him he only had 8 minutes to get himself ready for session. He took well over an hour, which of course is unacceptable. So after instructing him to put on a very pretty pink, lacy thong, I had him squirt half a can of whipped cream down the front of the thong, and a full pot of yoghurt down the back. It was a disgusting mess very quickly, but I'd only just begun. Next came the custard, which he was instructed to pour over his head and body, quickly followed by the second pot of yoghurt.

Both Milky Way bars were pushed up his ass, before he was instructed to cover the cucumber in the rest of squirty cream before sucking and deep-throating it, covering his lips and mouth in the stuff.

I was finding this whole session so funny, and with devilish amusement I had an idea for the trifle. One of My favourite films of all time is American Pie, and My mind whirled back to the notorious apple pie scene. I just had to have Splosher recreate this with the trifle. It would be hilarious!

So, under My instruction, he opened up the trifle, picked it up and slapped it against his groin, proceeding to fuck the..well...custard out of it. He was going at it hammer and tongues, pumping into the plastic bowl furiously as I screamed in hysterical laughter. Cream, custard and jelly were flying out of the sides of the bowl from the force of his enthusiastic thrusts, and I was almost pissing Myself with laughter at this. When he finally put down the bowl, the mess was just congealed gunk, and I half expected him to suddenly say "it's not what it looks like!" a la Jason Biggs in the movie itself. I don't think Splosher could "just say that it he ate it," especially when I made him add his own cream to the thing.

As soon as the session had finished, I just had to go and compose Myself. I prize Myself on being Professional at all times, but it was just too much - I couldn't contain My laughter no matter how much I tried. I think this added to Splosher's excitement, knowing that he had amused Mistress well. Well I'm certainly not going to deny that! lol

Thursday's Pic.

Today's picture features Me in the first corset I ever owned - and I'm thrilled that I can finally fit into it again!

Sexy Stockings & Heels Pics.

Slave Pleases Mistress With Gifts.

Public recognition goes to the slave who bought a lovely top and some gothic leggings for Me. I haven't had chance to take a personal photograph yet, but here are the images of his gifts. Clearly this slave knows how to please his Mistress and I expect him to continue to please Me well in the future.

If you want to please Mistress like slave did, then you may visit My Amazon Wishlist using the link below. And you too will receive public recognition of your generosity!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Suckling Piggy Fantasy.

Today on Adultwork Direct cam I had a very interesting and rather rare fantasy - cannibalism. Yes you read that right - slave wanted Mistress to eat him, and not in the sexual sense either!

The scenario began with Mistress wearing a fur coat (personally I don't wear fur - it looks far better on the animal) and smoking a cigar. I was to be this awful obnoxious bitch, with long red nails, red lips and the most cruel cackle you have ever heard.

Piggy was to be My captive. He would spend his days in a cage, as I sat in front of him, taunting him about how I'm going to fatten him up and make him into My delicious suckling pig. Every day, buckets of food would be delivered for him to devour every single morsel. Every day he would be weighed and measured to make sure he was fattening up nicely.

And finally the day came. Piggy was hog-tied and an apple unceremoniously stuffed into his mouth. He was carried to the hot coals and tied to the spit, as the searing heat began to make his flesh sizzle and burn. He could hear My cruel laughter in his ears as I stood there, in My mink coat, smoking away at My cigar, as I slowly turned the spit. I would baste his body to make sure he was extra tender, as he smelt his own flesh roasting over the coals.

And finally, when he was well and truly cooked, I would start to carve up one of his limbs and take a huge bite out of it, devouring him in juicy, tender bites.

Piggy very much enjoyed this and if I'm honest so did I. It's not often I'm met with a bizarre fantasy, but when I am, I always enjoy them. I like to get lost in it and create verbal images for the slave, without making him feel uncomfortable about it all.  And it was very satisfying to be met with "thanks Mistress, you're the best!" at the end of the session. A job well done!

Today's Pic

Long black hair and boots...I know how much you like it! ;-)

These Boots Were Made For....Mistress!

Aren't these boots just gorgeous? And they would look so good on Me. I definitely have the legs for these. They'd look good with stockings while you kneel before them and lick every inch clean SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. Or they would look really good with a pair of black skinny jeans on a night out.

And guess what? I want YOU to buy them for Me! That's right - it's time to get out your wallet and show Mistress that you're a good boy! And you know how important it is to please Mistress, don't you? Pleasing Mistress is so very important to you. If Mistress is happy, then She will make sure slave is happy. It's as simple as that.

These sexy boots are available on My Amazon Wishlist for £34.99 + £3.99 delivery. This is a very small price to pay for gaining My favour. It's better to give than to receive as you well know, and the more generous you are, the more Mistress will show Her appreciation...

To purchase these boots for Me, you can either purchase them directly from My Amazon Wishlist using the link below or send Amazon GC to the full value of the cost and delivery in pounds sterling to Don't forget to include your name for public recognition of your generosity!


This cretin asked to be blackmailed by Me. He sent the initial tribute of £25.00, but then failed to send the Contract with the relevant information, amid a whole host of excuses including:

  • "I never received the contract Mistress"
  • "I can't download this file type Mistress"
  • "Can you please send it to Collar Me - I can complete it there."
Now I don't send Contracts via anything else but Email, and this I explained. Still the excuses came.

So take My advice - while he will pay the initial tribute quite willingly, he'll give you the run around. Avoid unless you want to have your time wasted with his pathetic games.

Andy Portland

uksubmissive1 on Collar Me.