Saturday, 23 March 2013

POV Boot-worship - coming soon!

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond My control, I was unable to upload a weekly clip on Thursday. However, next Thursday I will be uploading a POV clip for all those who enjoy boot worship!

This clip will see Me telling you exactly how I want you to worship My boots, verbally chastising you if you fail and praising you if you please Me! You will not want to miss it.

If anybody has any particular suggestion of the kind of clip they would like to see Me in, then you may get in touch with your suggestion - but remember, clips will be tasteful yet suggestive, NOT smutty and cheap!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Photo-shoot is approaching!

My April photo-shoot is fast approaching and as a result, I have added various items to My wishlist, which slaves may like to see Me wearing.

You can see these items by clicking here. And the items which are reserved for this purpose have the comment "for april photo-shoot" next to them.

So if there is something you really want to see Me wearing during My shoot, then don't delay - and don't forget, some of the pictures will be available as signed photos for you to purchase!

Hello? Spring? Are you there?

This is what spring should look like:

This is what spring currently looks like:

I think it's having an identity crisis.........

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Arrogance Is Not Tolerated!

So today, a "sub" (and I use the term loosely in this case) came into Directcam, with a taste for shoe worship.

As I always do with these subs, I asked him if he felt he was worthy of My shoes. Of course the correct answer should be "well that's for you to decide Mistress" because it really is for Me and only Me to decide. But I like to quiz subs anyway, to see if they have what it takes to at least see My shoes before I consider allowing them to worship them.

Sub's answer to this question was "of course" - that was failure number one. So I told him to go ahead and amuse Me with his reason for believing he was "worthy." His reply was so pathetic! It screamed arrogance; "because of self-belief and the nature of the adultwork client and service provider system ;-)"

This reply told Me two things; that he felt I should be grateful he had entered My chatroom and asked to worship My shoes. Secondly, that there was a pretty good chance, that should I have allowed him to go private, he would have tried to top from bottom.

So instead I told him that his answer did not impress Me and kicked his arrogant ass out of My room.

Subs - the lesson here is KNOW YOUR PLACE! 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Birthday Gift Thank You!

A BIG THANK YOU goes to c*ntweasle for the gorgeous gothic earrings he sent Me for My birthday. I shall be wearing these on special occasions because they are absolutely stunning.

Also, a BIG THANK YOU goes to pathetic wallet worm for the gorgeous PVC top I received yesterday. This will be featured in My upcoming photo-shoot as well as when I'm logged on for cam sessions.

I had a brilliant birthday, with a surprise birthday lunch arranged, in which all My close friends attended. I was spoiled rotten and really enjoyed the day!

Today, I'm off out somewhere nice to continue the celebrations, which will be the perfect round-off.

So thank you to those who have sent gifts and birthday messages - it really added to what has been the best birthday ever!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Dickless Wonders.

Maggot-boy is a regular on Adultwork and he has probably one of the smallest dicks I've ever seen. He reckons it's about 4 inches - and I seriously beg to differ. It's 3 at the most, but I guess you have to humour him!

Maggot-boy loves a bit of sph, and cums hard every time. Each session, I ask him if his maggot has grown since we last talked, and invariably the answer is "no". He is then questioned about how many women he's managed to screw with it.

Usually, he'll tell Me about some cheap street-whore he's picked up at his local red-light district. He knows he's not satisfied her and that she's probably faked her way all the way through it - most women he gets to shag, do. And it's almost always hookers - or a very desperate bag-lady. I think even the most desperate of women would probably think twice as soon as they see his little stub. Most would probably laugh as soon as he gets his kit off!

Do I feel sorry of these "dickless-wonders"? Not in the slightest! These losers give Me hours of entertainment, some of them begging to "prove" themselves to Me. Like they would ever have a chance with Me?! lol


My availability for cam and phone bookings this week is as follows:









If you wish to book a session for these times, you may contact Me to do so.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

British Comedy - Has it lost it's way?

Last night I was watching something to do with Comic Relief, where they show various clips of Comic Relief Sketches. It was presented by that annoying idiot from Radio 1 Breakfast, who tried his best to crack a few jokes and pretty much failed miserably.

But it wasn't that which got Me thinking. It was the state of british comedy today. They showed a classic comedy sketch and a modern comedy sketch - and you know, not once did I laugh at the modern ones. Perhaps its an age thing, or maybe its the fact that comedy has kind of lost its way.

Let's take the clip below for example. Yes, it's a classic and many will have seen this so many times. But you still can't help but laugh at it. This is the greatest comedy duo (in My opinion anyway) at their finest:

Now let's look at this diabolical piece of pap below. Ok, the younger audience may find this hilarious. Personally, I didn't crack as much as a smile. All I thought was; "what the hell is the point of this???!"

Something is seriously wrong if this is the sort of "comedy" offered. I mean don't get Me wrong - I nearly piss Myself at watching Peter Kay, and I LOVE Mock The Week. But the "new" comedy today just leaves Me cold. 

I think the question is; since when did we go from comedy, to plain stupidity to get a laugh? Where did it all go wrong? What do other people think about this? Please leave your comments.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To all those who come from the Emerald Isle, and the rest of you, who see today as the perfect opportunity to drink Guinness (as if we need an excuse eh?!) this is for you!